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Alexander Granberg, Russian regional scientist passes away

Alexander Granberg, Russian regional scientist passes away.

Aug. 24—Academician and regional scientist Alexander Granberg died Aug. 22 2010, in his 75th year. He had remained active as Russia’s senior specialist on integrated economic development projects, serving as chairman of the SOPS (Council for the Study of Productive Forces, a joint government-Academy body which is the successor of Academician Vladimir Vernadsky’s KEPS organization). Academician Granberg was a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences, headed its Regional Studies Council, and had earlier been chairman of the Russian National Committee on Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation.
Based in Novosibirsk for many years, Granberg designed and guided many projects for Siberia and the Russian Far East, including the current national plan for the development of those regions, and was working on the Industrial Urals-Polar Urals project design in recent years. Victor Ishayev, Presidential Representative for the Far East Federal District, released his telegram of condolences to the Russian Academy of Sciences and Granberg’s family, which he sent from Kamchatka on the Pacific coast, where Ishayev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and others are holding meetings
on fisheries-related infrastructure development. Ishayev wrote:
“Academician Alexander Grigoryevich Granberg was a famous scientific economist, an outstanding
teacher, and the author of works on regional economic development. . . . We valued his reverent attitude toward Russia’s Far East, and his participation in drafting the Federal Comprehensive Socioeconomic Development Program for the Far East and Transbaikal, as well as his
work on specific infrastructure projects. Granberg was a frequent and much welcome guest in the East of our country. We will miss him.”
In April 2007, Academician Granberg chaired the Moscow conference on “Megaprojects of the Russian East: A Transcontinental Eurasia-America Transport Link via the Bering Strait,” a SOPS-sponsored event to which Lyndon LaRouche’s invited contribution was the paper, “The World’s Political Map Changes: Mendeleyev Would Have Agreed” (EIR, May 4, 2007, The following month, at the 80th birthday celebration of Prof. Stanislav Menshikov, Granberg offered a memorable toast to the completion of the Bering Strait tunnel by the year 2027. In 2009, Granberg endorsed Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s call to put the “La-Rouche Plan to Save the World Economy,” onto the world’s agenda


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