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Words of Condolence on the late Dr. Yasuhiko Oishi and his brilliant historical footsteps

1. Words of Condolence on the late Yasuhiko Oishi, the Second President of the Japan  Section of RSAI

At the time of January 16, dawn, 2014 (h. 26), The Second President of The Japan Section of the RSAI (1973-1982), Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo, Doctor of Economics, Yasuhiko Oishi suddenly passed away.
Our grief is far beyond description, who had gathered in the Japan Section, having the same will and aim. Here, as senior, I will state respectfully to the soul of Oishi in heaven.
Looked back in the Past, Professor initiatively had founded our Japan Section on June 19th, 1962, responding to the requests of the Regional Science Association. Since then, through fifty more years Professor had always occupied the very important position of our Society, concentrated his energies on the theoretical and laborious leadership in the style different from other applied economics and various policy sciences, and contributed to the development of our Japan Section, also holding concurrently the post of the Secretariat, pressed with various business, under the Presidency of Japan Section.
Consequently it has resulted that the flourishing Japan Section may now be shown in the number of members has reached one thousand, and it begins to occupy the position as a prominent figure obviously in the world of the RSAI due to our indefatigable assiduity; which, a good many, really are gifts of his exertion.
Professor was a genuine regional economist, a person of economic policy, various models of whom were the idea being magnificent, the assembly of which was also brief and to the point.
Especially, the short review of “Insufficiency of consideration to the national economic viewpoints (external economies, social benefits)” <which was basis to> in relation to the two big projects of Watkins’ Mei-Shin Expressway Research and Research Materials for Loan submitted to the World Bank, at the time of the founding of The Japan Regional Science Association, in G. Konno, Y. Oishi, et al. (ed.) Investigation on the Watkins’ Expressway Research Report (Japan Highway Public Corporation, 1957); which has, up to now, played the leading part in our field uninterruptedly. Here, the other contributions are omitted.
When he was in the world, he always furnished the innate balancing sense between his theory and actuality, yet he hitched his wagon to a star; did not cater to the depraved public taste, and moreover he had uncommon intelligence, and was the person of docility and benevolence, so he had fascinating individuality to be rendered profound respect by many juniors who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Ah! Professor meets his end; but his words during his lifetime still ring in our ears; his kindly face while in life shines before our eyes, however, Alas! He is dead and gone! And so early live in the other world.
Consequently, we cannot receive his guidance forever from this time forward.
Alas! Professor is no more. At the thought of these and looking back upon those, from feeling of condolence, our heart is too full for words; here we again intend to confer him the highest meritorious reward of The Japan Section. Ask the soul of Professor, please accept a small token of our gratitude.
And we also swear to prosecute our studies which will be right in the sight of God and you.

Reverently, we made our humble remarks. May his soul in heaven rest in peace and receive these!


January 24th, 2014
The 3rd President of The Japan Section of the RSAI
Emeritus Professor, The University of Tsukuba
Hirotada KOHNO


The 10th Vice-President of The Japan Section of the RSAI
Emeritus Professor, The Senshu University

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