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RSPP Call for Paper | Special Issue on Urban Resurgence in European Cities

RSPP Call for Paper

Urban Resurgence in European Cities

Cities are drivers for economic growth and innovation that control knowledge, capital and communication on a global level. However, there are many challenges related to urban development within and across Europe cities. First, there are difficulties with achieving convergence across European areas. Some cities do not manage to benefit from the better economic, social or cultural structures nor from the improved living conditions related with urbanization and often experience a lack of economic growth, population loss and poverty. Second, cities that successfully underwent structural change and that manage to deal with technological transformation are experiencing not only the advantages of economic progress but also negative effects related with congestion, pollution, segregation, etc. The different historic and political background has led to different challenges that European cities face and also to different (institutional, financial, economic, social) resources available to appropriately enhance growth.  In other words, European cities experience different type of challenges that require differentiated strategic approaches raising the standards in urban policy and planning requiring integrated, resilient, inclusive and sustainable solutions.

This special issue aims at contributing to the scientific discourse on urban development in Europe by emphasizing challenges and solutions for resurgence. Papers should have a focus on one of following topics:

  • Resurgence in shirking cities
  • Growth-oriented urban policies (Smart cities, innovation in cities)
  • Urban resurgence in small and mid-sized cities
  • The role of diversity and of the creative class for urban resurgence
  • Cultural tourism and hospitality as instrument for urban resurgence

Papers should be submitted to the regular review process of the journal until December 20th of 2019. With a regular review process it is expected that the papers will be publish on the 1st Issue of 2020.

The coordinators of the Special Issue

Alina Schoenberg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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