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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science is available! Volume 98, 1 (February 2019)

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Papers in Regional Science
Volume 98, Issue 1
Pages: 1-598
February 2019


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Pages: 1-2 | First Published: 30 January 2019


The effect of ICT adoption on labour demand: A cross‐region comparison
Mohamed Goaied, Seifallah Sassi

Pages: 3-16 | First Published: 03 October 2017

Ethnic minority concentration: A source of productivity growth for Italian provinces?
Alessandra Michelangeli, Nicola Pontarollo, Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti

Pages: 17-34 | First Published: 11 October 2017 

The role of social capital in regional innovation systems: Creative social capital and its institutionalization process
Cristina Aragón Amonarriz, Cristina Iturrioz, Lorea Narvaiza, Mario Davide Parrilli

Pages: 35-51 | First Published: 27 October 2017

The geography of social capital and innovation in the European Union
Jesús Peiró‐Palomino

Pages: 53-73 | First Published: 19 December 2017

Human capital and market size
Cecilia Vives

Pages: 75-92 | First Published: 17 December 2017

Knowledge externalities and firm heterogeneity: Effects on high and low growth firms
Markus Grillitsch, Magnus Nilsson

Pages: 93-114 | First Published: 15 December 2017

Territorial cohesion under pressure? Welfare policy and planning responses in Austrian and Swedish Peripheries
Elisabeth Gruber, Daniel Rauhut, Alois Humer

Pages: 115-132 | First Published: 22 December 2017

Impact of macro‐structural reforms on the productivity growth of regions: Distance to the frontier matters
Sabine D’Costa, Jose Enrique Garcilazo, Joaquim Oliveira Martins

Pages: 133-166 | First Published: 11 January 2018 

KIBS as both innovators and knowledge intermediaries in the innovation process: Intermediation as a contingent role
Richard Shearmur, David Doloreux

Pages: 191-209 | First Published: 30 January 2018 

EU regional development policy and territorial capital: A systemic approach
Ugo Fratesi, Giovanni Perucca

Pages: 265-281 | First Published: 17 April 2018

By diversion rate alone: The inconsistency and inequity of waste management evaluation in a single‐indicator system
Barbara Cavalletti, Matteo Corsi

Pages: 307-329 | First Published: 28 February 2018

Two countries, sixteen cities, five thousand kilometres: How many housing markets?
Ryan Greenaway‐McGrevy, Arthur Grimes, Mark Holmes

Pages: 353-370 | First Published: 24 January 2018

Spatial interactions in property tax policies among Italian municipalities
Chiara Bocci, Claudia Ferretti, Patrizia Lattarulo

Pages: 371-391 | First Published: 20 December 2017

A spatial panel data analysis of China's urban land expansion, 2004–2014
Yingcheng Li, Weiting Xiong

Pages: 393-407 | First Published: 22 December 2017

Agglomeration of creative industries: An intra‐metropolitan analysis for Barcelona
Eva Coll‐Martínez, Ana‐Isabel Moreno‐Monroy, Josep‐Maria Arauzo‐Carod

Pages: 409-431 | First Published: 07 November 2017

Is there a relationship between TELs and default? Evidence from US municipalities
John A. Dove

Pages: 433-450 | First Published: 06 December 2017

Area‐specific subsidies and population dynamics: Evidence from the Australian zone tax offset
Nathan Kettlewell, Oleg Yerokhin

Pages: 451-476 | First Published: 29 November 2017

Does climate matter? An empirical study of interregional migration in China
Li Gao, Abdoul G. Sam

Pages: 477-496 | First Published: 19 December 2017

The interconnections between socio‐spatial factors and labour market integration among Arabs in Israel
Ilan Shdema, Hisham M. Abu‐Rayya, Izhak Schnell

Pages: 497-514 | First Published: 17 November 2017

Overlapping labour market areas based on link communities
Yicheol Han, Stephan J. Goetz

Pages: 539-553 | First Published: 11 October 2017

Migration and occupational careers: The static and dynamic urban wage premium by education and city size
Martin Korpi, William A.V. Clark

Pages: 555-574 | First Published: 06 November 2017 

The role of government in regentrification
Kuzey Yilmaz

Pages: 575-594 | First Published: 26 April 2018

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