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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science is available! Volume 97, 3 (August 2018)

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Papers in Regional Science

Volume 97, Issue 3

Pages: 465-831

August 2018


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Pages: 465-466 | First Published: 16 August 2018


Theoretical perspectives on localized knowledge spillovers and agglomeration
Samuli Leppälä

Pages: 467-484 | First Published: 20 October 2016

Agglomeration, (un)‐related variety and new firm survival in China
Anthony Howell, Canfei He, Rudai Yang, C. Cindy Fan

Pages: 485-500 | First Published: 14 November 2016

Relatedness through experience: On the importance of collected worker experiences for plant performance
Lisa Östbring, Rikard Eriksson, Urban Lindgren

Pages: 501-518 | First Published: 18 October 2016

(Un)related variety and employment growth at the sub‐regional level
Matthias Firgo, Peter Mayerhofer

Pages: 519-547 | First Published: 06 January 2017

The role of R&D collaboration networks on regional knowledge creation: Evidence from information and communication technologies
Cilem Selin Hazır, James LeSage, Corinne Autant‐Bernard

Pages: 549-567 | First Published: 13 December 2016

Long‐run processes of geographical concentration and dispersion: Evidence from Germany
Wolfgang Dauth, Michaela Fuchs, Anne Otto

Pages: 569-593 | First Published: 16 December 2016

Human capital as a location factor: An empirical investigation of relocating firms and their labour force in the Netherlands
Gintarė Morkutė, Sierdjan Koster

Pages: 595-616 | First Published: 20 September 2016

Do higher college graduation rates increase local education levels?
John V. Winters

Pages: 617-638 | First Published: 03 October 2016

Geography, market potential and industrialization in Italy 1871–2001
Vittorio Daniele, Paolo Malanima, Nicola Ostuni

Pages: 639-662 | First Published: 05 December 2016

Firm location, interaction, and local characteristics: A case study for Madrid's electronics sector
Miguel Gómez‐Antonio, Stuart Sweeney

Pages: 663-685 | First Published: 28 December 2016

Spatial spillovers in US wholesale gasoline markets
Oleg Kucher, J. Wesley Burnett, Donald Lacombe

Pages: 687-710 | First Published: 25 November 2016

Retail productivity: The effects of market size and regional hierarchy
Özge Öner

Pages: 711-736 | First Published: 17 November 2016

Venture capital: The effect of local and global social ties on firm performance
Katja Bringmann, Thomas Vanoutrive, Ann Verhetsel

Pages: 737-755 | First Published: 11 November 2016

Do urban casinos affect nearby neighbourhoods? Evidence from Canada
Haifang Huang, Brad R. Humphreys, Li Zhou

Pages: 757-784 | First Published: 30 December 2016

The structure and dynamics of population migration among economic areas in the United States from 1990 to 2011
Zengwang Xu

Pages: 785-800 | First Published: 30 January 2017

Are local public services better delivered in more autonomous regions? Evidence from European regions using a dose‐response approach
Andrea Filippetti, Giovanni Cerulli

Pages: 801-826 | First Published: 30 January 2017


Understanding the location of foreign direct investment
Laura Resmini

Pages: 827-828 | First Published: 17 April 2018

Masters of craft. Old jobs in the new urban economy. Richard E. Ocejo, Princeton University Press. 2017. Hardcover. 368 pages. Price: $29.95. ISBN 9780691165493.
Michiel Gerritse

Pages: 829-831 | First Published: 03 July 2018 


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