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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science are available! Volume 100, Issue 6, December 2021

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Papers in Regional Science
Volume 100, Issue 6

Pages: 1335-1657

December 2021


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Pages: 1335-1336 | First Published:01 December 2021


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Regional characteristics and the decision to innovate in a developing country: A multilevel analysis of Ecuadorian firms

Fernando Bruna, Juan Fernández-Sastre

Pages: 1337-1354 | First Published:06 August 2021

Skill relatedness, structural change and heterogeneous regions: evidence from a developing country

Jefferson Ricardo Bretas Galetti, Milene Simone Tessarin, Paulo Cesar Morceiro

Pages: 1355-1376 | First Published:06 July 2021

When, where, and for what industries does broadband foster establishment births?

Chloé Duvivier, Emma Cazou, Stéphanie Truchet-Aznar, Cédric Brunelle, Jean Dubé

Pages: 1377-1401 | First Published:24 June 2021

Open Access

Does urbanization matter in the expenditure‐happiness nexus?

Cristina Bernini, Silvia Emili, Federica Galli

Pages: 1403-1428 | First Published:04 November 2021

Open Access

Are old regions less attractive? Interregional labour migration in a context of population ageing

Paula Prenzel

Pages: 1429-1447 | First Published:25 June 2021

Impact of Marcellus and Utica shale exploitation on Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Regional Economies: A synthetic control analysis

Kuan-Ming Huang, Xiaoli Etienne

Pages: 1449-1479 | First Published:01 July 2021

Open Access

“The grass is greener on the other side”: The relationship between the Brexit referendum results and spatial inequalities at the local level

Diana Gutiérrez-Posada, María Plotnikova, Fernando Rubiera-Morollón

Pages: 1481-1500 | First Published:05 August 2021

Open Access

Collected worker experiences, knowledge management practices and service innovation in urban Norway

Sverre J. Herstad, Marte C. W. Solheim, Marit Engen

Pages: 1501-1525 | First Published:07 August 2021

On urban sprawl: Closed city, open city or does it even matter?

Jeffrey A. DiBartolomeo, Geoffrey K. Turnbull

Pages: 1527-1543 | First Published:11 August 2021

Open Access

Reducing automation risk through career mobility: Where and for whom?

László Czaller, Rikard H. Eriksson, Balázs Lengyel

Pages: 1545-1569 | First Published:19 August 2021

No time for crime? The effect of compulsory engagement on youth crime

Nikhil Jha

Pages: 1571-1597 | First Published:09 June 2021

Open Access

The multidimensional nD‐GRAS method: Applications for the projection of multiregional input–output frameworks and valuation matrices

Juan Manuel Valderas-Jaramillo, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche

Pages: 1599-1624 | First Published:30 June 2021

Modelling heterogeneous preferences for nature‐based tourism trips

David Boto-García, Antonio Alvarez, José Baños

Pages: 1625-1653 | First Published:06 August 2021


Acknowledgement to referees

Pages: 1655-1657 | First Published:01 December 2021

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