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RSPP Call for Papers on Drivers, Impacts and Policies of Covid19

RSPP Call for Papers on Drivers, Impacts and Policies of Covid19

COVID-19 is spreading around the world while governments try to control the spread of the disease taking into account the potential of the health systems to cure patients and the capacity of their economies to survive and react to the constraints imposed to save lives.

The aim of the RSPP Special Issue Drivers Effects and Policies of Covid19 is to gather regional science research along the following lines:

  • Analytical papers on the impacts on regional and urban economies of Covid-19 and of the policies implemented to control the disease.
  • Policy papers on the regional and urban impacts of alternative Covid-19 policies.
  • Prospective papers on sustainable urbanization post Covid-19.
  • Epidemic bio-economic models and methods.

Paper submission can be made in the Platform of Regional Science Policy and Practice

Papers accepted and edited will be immediately available free on-line. All the papers on this topic will be compiled in one or more Special Issues on Drivers, Impacts and Policies of Covit19 published in the second issue of 2021.

The order of submission and acceptance is important if more than one issue is published on the topic:

  • First deadline May 30th
  • Second deadline July 31st
  • Third deadline November 20th

RSPP Working Papers on the topic are very much welcome. For that use the template available (download) and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We review and assess the submission of Working Papers and can accept sequential versions of each when new data can provide updated evidences.

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