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In Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, we teach and practice architecture, fine arts, and city and regional planning as creative and powerful forces with the potential to improve the world. We prepare our students to address the complex problems of the 21st century through the application of the art and science of design. Providing rigorous theoretical training and studio experiences, we encourage imagination, technical creativity, critical thinking, a sense of history, and the development of a social, ethical, and artistic perspective. We advocate for the rights of all communities and all individuals to participate in the planning of their futures. We prepare our graduates for their role as world citizens in a diverse yet inclusive society.


Programs and Degrees in Regional Science


Master of Science/Master of Arts (MS/MA) in Regional Science

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Regional Science


Doctoral Dissertations in Regional Science in thlast five years

 Mahdi Saiful Indonesia Modeling Aceh: Essays on Resource Management, Inflation, and Social Capital Timothy Mount
Waron Sukchotrat Thailand A Macroeconometric Model for Thailand with Welfare Linkages: Analyses of Selected Policies in Response to Energy Price Increases Iwan Azis
Dolapo Enahoro Nigeria Essays on Land Nutrient Policy, Dairy Management Adjustments and Environmental Quality, and Resource-Based Sustainable Development Richard Boisvert
Zevi Azzaino Indonesia Binary Optimization: Application to Regional Planning Jon Conrad
Maneevitjit Surin Thailand The Economic Value of Reliability in Deregulated Electricity Market Timothy Mount
Nur Ain Shahrier Malaysia The Impact of Corporations Excess Saving Behavior and Macroeconomics Policies on Poverty Incidence: Empirical Analysis of Indonesian, Philippines and Thailand Timothy Mount
Sutee Anantsuksomsri Thailand Three Essays in Real Estate and Urban Economy Kieran Donaghy
Inka Yusgiantoro Indonesia Three Essays on Growth and Development with Financial Market Iwan Azis
Alvin Pratama Indonesia Three Essays on Poverty and Polarization in Indonesia Iwan Azis
Nij Tontisirin Thailand Three Essays In Residential Location, Household Commuting Patterns, And Spatial N-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma: The Case Study Of Bangkok, Thailand Kieran Donaghy
Gunawan Wicaksono Indonesia Three Essays in Applied Regional Welfare Analysis Kieran Donaghy
Hee Hwa Min Korea The Analysis of the Link Between Capital Flows and Macroeconomic-Financial-Spatial Income Distribution Indicators: Combining Financial CGE and Perception Models Iwan Azis
Danny Adiwibowo Indonesia Essays on Monetary, Fiscal and Macro-prudential Policy Nexus in Indonesia: An Emerging Market Case Kieran Donaghy
Supree Srisamran Thailand A Study Of Electricity Planning In Thailand: An Integrated Top-Down And Bottom-Up Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modeling Analysis Kieran Donaghy
Kuming Chang China Determinants of U.S. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Saturation Levels and the Implications for Policy Timothy Mount
Yiou Zuo China Three Essays On Urban Transportation And The Environment Kieran Donaghy
Mauricio Alejandro Sarrias Jeraldo Chile Three Essays on Continuous and Discrete Spatial Heterogeneity Kieran Donaghy
Arash Beheshtian Iran Planning Resilient Infrastructure Kieran Donaghy


Regional Science Scholars


Kieran P. Donaghy

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Yuri Mansury

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