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NARSC 2023 is coming up!

NARSC Update

YSI Networking Meetings 
@ NARSC 2023 

Working group: Urban and Regional Economics Working Group

Date: November 16 - 17, 2023

Location: San Diego, CA - United States

Project description:
The YSI Urban and Regional Economics Working Group invites Ph.D. Students and Early Career Researchers registered at NARSC 2023 to apply to our Young Scholars Networking Meetings as a side activity within the Conference.

Networking is a pivotal source of professional benefits during conferences, especially at prestigious events like the NARSC Meetings. However, it can be a daunting challenge for young scholars, particularly when attending a large-scale conference for the first time, featuring keynote speakers of exceptional renown. While established scholars typically have robust professional networks, emerging researchers may grapple with forging their connections. Networking meetings serve as essential platforms for cultivating research collaborations, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, and assisting young scholars in building their own professional networks.

In this context, the YSI Networking Meetings aim to create conducive environments for interactions among young scholars and facilitate their engagement with senior speakers. These meetings provide opportunities for activities such as delivering elevator speeches about their own thesis or dissertation research, discussing challenges related to publishing in the field of regional sciences, exploring recent and cutting-edge research methods, and more.

Following the conference sessions, these networking meetings will offer a relaxed setting for young scholars to unwind and engage in discussions related to careers, entrepreneurship, and various professional opportunities. Additionally, a networking lunch with senior conference speakers will be organized to enable exchanges and discussions concerning the challenges and opportunities faced by young researchers in the field.

Interested young scholars registered for NARSC can apply to attend the event until November 10th, 2023, using the form provided below. A limited number of travel support from the Young Scholars Initiative (as a reimbursement after participation in the activities) is available to interested applicants. 

Apply Now!


NARSC Final Program Online

The final program for the 2023 NARSC Conference is available at: https://www.narsc.org/newsite/conference/conference-program/

Remember to bookmark or download to your phone. In NARSC's continuing effort to go green, no printed versions will be available at the conference.

Finally, be sure and reserve your hotel rooms for the conference.


Spatial Data Analysis and Econometrics with PySAL Workshop

A unique feature of this workshop is the use of Python based software tools for spatial data analysis and spatial econometrics. Python is an object oriented scripting language that is gaining rapid adoption in the computational sciences. Since its initial release in July 2010, PySAL has been downloaded over 1.7 million times. This two-part tutorial will first provide participants with an introduction to Python and related tools for exploratory spatial data analysis. In the second part of the tutorial the focus is on spatial econometric methods in PySAL.

There is still room for the workshop. Read more about it here, and register online via the NARSC registration portal.


Position Openings

Remember to check out the NARSC website for job openings. There have been several updates recently.

You could find your next position or find post an opening!

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