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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 13, Issue 4, August 2021

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 13, Issue 4
Regional Development in Latin America

Pages: 1093-1402

August 2021

Issue Edited by: Patricio Aroca, Carlos Azzoni


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Pages: 1093 | First Published: 25 August 2021


Regional development in Latin America

Patricio Aroca, Carlos Azzoni

Pages: 1094-1095 | First Published: 25 August 2021


Institutional fragmentation and metropolitan coordination in Latin American cities: Are there links with city productivity?

Juan C. Duque, Nancy Lozano-Gracia, Jorge E. Patino, Paula Restrepo Cadavid

Pages: 1096-1128 | First Published: 08 July 2020

The effect of a free trade agreement with the United States on member countries' per capita GDP: A synthetic control analysis

Esteban Colla-De-Robertis, Rafael Garduno Rivera

Pages: 1129-1145 | First Published: 02 February 2021

Regional economic growth and convergence: The role of institutions and spillover effects in Colombia

Juan Manuel Aristizábal, Gustavo A. García

Pages: 1146-1161 | First Published: 19 August 2020

Regional convergence, spatial scale, and spatial dependence: Evidence from homicides and personal injuries in Colombia 2010–2018

Felipe Santos-Marquez, Carlos Mendez

Pages: 1162-1184 | First Published: 28 September 2020

Market competition and firm productivity and innovation: Responses in Mexican manufacturing industries

Rut Atayde, Rafael Garduño, Eduardo Robles, Pluvia Zúñiga

Pages: 1185-1214 | First Published: 05 April 2021

Determinants of manufacturing micro firms' productivity in Ecuador. Do industry and canton where they operate matter?

Grace Carolina Guevara-Rosero

Pages: 1215-1248 | First Published: 02 February 2021

Spatial and non‐spatial proximity in university–industry collaboration: Mutual reinforcement and decreasing effects

Emerson Gomes Santos, Renato Garcia, Veneziano Araujo, Suelene Mascarini, Ariana Costa

Pages: 1249-1261 | First Published: 06 July 2020

Evaluating the effectiveness of ChileCompra's Entrepreneurship Centers policy

Sergio A. Contreras, Andrew J. Greenlee

Pages: 1262-1282 | First Published: 03 March 2021

Regional disparities in Mexico and the spatially cumulative effects of national development and economic cycles, 1940–2013

Alejandra Trejo Nieto

Pages: 1283-1296 | First Published: 04 July 2020

Regional development gaps in Argentina: A multidimensional approach to identify the location of policy priorities

Andrés Niembro, Jésica Sarmiento

Pages: 1297-1327 | First Published: 02 August 2020

Open Access

A multi‐scale approach to rural depopulation in Mexico

Liliana Castillo-Rivero, Philip McCann, Frans J. Sijtsma

Pages: 1328-1347 | First Published: 04 December 2020

Dimensions of local development in the Colombian Pacific Region

Eduardo Amaral Haddad, Inácio Fernandes de Araújo, Vinícius de Almeida Vale, Henry Duque Sandoval, Paola Andrea Garizado Roman, Lilian Andrea Carrillo Rodríguez, Elizabeth Aponte Jaramillo, Leidy Julieth Gruesso Lopez

Pages: 1348-1370 | First Published: 11 July 2021

Urban sprawl and the cost of providing local public services: Empirical evidence for Brazilian municipalities

Karina Simone Sass, Alexandre Alves Porsse

Pages: 1371-1387 | First Published: 15 September 2020


Does per capita income cause homicide rates? An application of an IV spatial model

Rogério Pereira, Tatiane Almeida de Menezes

Pages: 1388-1400 | First Published: 22 May 2020


Jones, Garett, 2020. 10% less democracy: Why you should trust elites a little more and the masses a little less. Stanford University press, Stanford, CA. US$22.91, Hb, 233 pp., ISBN 978–1–5,036‐0357‐8, DOI: 10.1515/9781503611214

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Pages: 1401-1402 | First Published: 31 May 2021

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