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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages: 207-435, April 2021

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 13, Issue 3
Intermedium Regions and Cities. Benchmarks for science and policy

Pages: 437-1091

June 2021

Issue Edited by: Vinko Muštra, Andres Rodriguez-Pose, Alina Schoenberg, João Lourenço Marques


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Issue Information

Pages: 437 | First Published: 27 June 2021


Challenges and policies for middle‐income trapped regions and cities

Vinko Muštra, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Pages: 438-440 | First Published: 27 June 2021


Open Access

Developing intermediate cities

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Jamie Griffiths

Pages: 441-456 | First Published: 20 April 2021

Unveiling and typifying rural resources underpinned by innovation dynamics in rural areas

Teresa Maria Gamito, Lívia Madureira, José Manuel Lima Santos

Pages: 457-477 | First Published: 31 July 2019

Transport network improvements: The effects on wage earnings

Eivind Tveter

Pages: 478-491 | First Published: 29 August 2019


Policy interdependence and the models of health care devolution: “Systems or federacies”?

Joan Costa-Font, Laurie Perdikis

Pages: 492-500 | First Published: 06 November 2019


An empirical analysis of gentrification in Istanbul

Zühal Özbay Daş, Gülşah Özşahin

Pages: 501-526 | First Published: 20 April 2020

Impact of transport infrastructure on local development in Dalmatia

Josip Grgić

Pages: 527-558 | First Published: 16 September 2020

The structural changes in Armenian Community budgets within the process of community consolidation

Tsovinar J. Karapetyan, Arpenik Muradyan, Vanine A. Yeranosyan, Erik M. Grigoryan

Pages: 559-572 | First Published: 20 October 2020

Factors impacting patent applications in European countries

Bojan Ćudić

Pages: 573-589 | First Published: 16 February 2021


Urban resurgence in European cities

Alina M. Schoenberg

Pages: 590 | First Published: 27 June 2021


Open Access

Comparative urban performance assessment of safe cities through data envelopment analysis

Karima Kourtit, Peter Nijkamp, Soushi Suzuki

Pages: 591-602 | First Published: 20 March 2020

Austrian regions in the age of globalisation: Trade exposure, urban dynamics and structural change

Sascha Sardadvar, Christian Reiner

Pages: 603-643 | First Published: 02 August 2020

Open Access

A masterplan for urban resurgence: The case of Mönchengladbach, Germany (2008–2019)

Anna Herzog, Rüdiger Hamm

Pages: 644-658 | First Published: 28 August 2020

Exploring paths to creative city emergence. The example of three Polish cities

Agnieszka Orankiewicz, Maciej Turała

Pages: 659-672 | First Published: 12 January 2021


Evidence‐based regional development policies

João Lourenço Marques

Pages: 673-674 | First Published: 27 June 2021


Open Access

Measuring policy debate in a regrowing city by sentiment analysis using online media data: A case study of Leipzig 2030

Yiqiao Chen, Elisabete A. Silva, José P. Reis

Pages: 675-692 | First Published: 14 May 2020

Open Access

Accessibility to primary schools in Portugal: a case of spatial inequity?

João Lourenço Marques, Jan Wolf, Fillipe Feitosa

Pages: 693-707 | First Published: 08 June 2020

Landscape planning based on EBPM: Location prioritization of green space management

Hwajin Lim, Yukari Niwa, Manabu Tange

Pages: 708-728 | First Published: 09 November 2020

Connections between research and policy: The case of fertility diffusion and regional demographic policy in Portugal

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Cornilius Chikwama, João Lourenço Marques

Pages: 729-743 | First Published: 12 May 2021

Open Access

Smartening urban governance: An evidence-based perspective

Huaxiong JiangStan GeertmanPatrick Witte

Pages: 744-758 | First Published:11 June 2020

Full Access

Arun Natarajan HariharanArindam Biswas

Pages: 759-776 | First Published:30 June 2020

Full Access

Sabyasachi Tripathi

Pages: 777-797 | First Published:22 April 2021

Full Access

A Geospatial Analysis of Temporary Housing Inequality among Socially Marginalized and Privileged Groups in India

Pritam GhoshAsraful AlamNilanjana GhosalDebodatta Saha

Pages: 798-819 | First Published:23 April 2021

Full Access

Spillover effects of trade openness on CO2 emissions in middle-income countries: A spatial panel data approach

Hanen RagoubiZouheir Mighri

Pages: 835-877 First Published:10 October 2020

Full Access

Social capital and regional development in Turkey*

Hüseyin Mert ArslanHasan Engin Duran

Pages: 878-920 First Published:01 August 2020

Full Access

Proposing a solid waste management plan in Tripoli, North Lebanon: An individual awareness based solution

Sara MaassaraniNabil MoharebMostafa Rabea Abdelbaset

Pages: 921-942 First Published:28 November 2020

Full Access

Tunisian industrial policy, location and evolution of the industrial space of the interior regions

Mohamed Ali Labidi

Pages: 943-956 First Published:19 March 2021

Full Access

Spatial aggregation and resampling expansion of big surveys: An analysis of wage inequality

Beatriz LarrazJose M. PavíaMarcos Herrera-Gómez

Pages: 957-981 First Published:19 August 2020

Full Access

Beyond the socio-economic use of fiscal transfers: The role of political factors in Greek intergovernmental grant allocations

Yannis PsycharisStavroula IliopoulouMaria ZoiPanagiotis Pantazis

Pages: 982-1008 First Published:29 July 2020

Full Access

Do agglomeration economies matter where natural endowments are? Lessons from Greece

Evangelos RasvanisVassilis Tselios

Pages: 1009-1024 First Published:16 April 2021

Full Access

Opportunities and challenges for small businesses in new transit neighborhoods: Understanding impacts through in-depth interviews

Elina SukaryavichuteElizabeth DelmelleColleen Hammelman

Pages: 1025-1041 First Published:23 March 2021

Full Access

Interregional demand for workers and the effects of labour income taxation

Amitrajeet A. BatabyalHamid Beladi

Pages: 1042-1050 First Published:24 August 2020

A new approach to inter-regional network externalities in Japan

Akihiro Otsuka

Pages: 1051-1067 | First Published:14 May 2020

Full Access

Urbanization, waitlisted children, and childcare support in a two-region overlapping generations model

Hiroyuki HashimotoTohru Naito

Pages: 1068-1089 | First Published:13 November 2020

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