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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 13, Issue 2, Special Issue: Voting and the rise of populism: Spatial perspectives and applications across Europe, Pages: 207-435, April 2021

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 13, Issue 2
Voting and the rise of populism: Spatial perspectives and applications across Europe

Pages: 207-435

April 2021

Issue Edited by: Eveline S. van Leeuwen, Solmaria Halleck Vega


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Pages: 207-208 | First Published: 23 April 2021


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Voting and the rise of populism: Spatial perspectives and applications across Europe

Eveline S. van Leeuwen, Solmaria Halleck Vega

Pages: 209-219 | First Published: 02 April 2021

Open Access

Places that don't matter or people that don't matter? A multilevel modelling approach to the analysis of the geographies of discontent

Luise Koeppen, Dimitris Ballas, Arjen Edzes, Sierdjan Koster

Pages: 221-245 | First Published: 17 December 2020

Voting with your feet or voting for Brexit: The tale of those stuck behind

Annie Tubadji, Thomas Colwill, Don Webber

Pages: 247-277 | First Published: 28 December 2020

Open Access

Does population decline lead to a “populist voting mark‐up”? A case study of the Netherlands

Eveline S. van Leeuwen, Solmaria Halleck Vega, Vera Hogenboom

Pages: 279-301 | First Published: 16 October 2020

EU integration, regional development problems and the rise of the new radical right in Slovakia

Štefan Rehák, Oliver Rafaj, Tomáš Černěnko

Pages: 303-321 | First Published: 23 December 2020

Determinants of regional distribution of AKP votes: Analysis of post‐2002 parliamentary elections

Pinar Deniz, Burhan Can Karahasan, Mehmet Pinar

Pages: 323-352 | First Published: 11 December 2020

The role of economic and cultural changes in the rise of far‐right in Greece: A regional analysis

Panagiotis Artelaris, George Mavrommatis

Pages: 353-369 | First Published: 24 January 2021

Italian discontent and right‐wing populism: determinants, geographies, patterns

Dante Di Matteo, Ilaria Mariotti

Pages: 371-396 | First Published: 15 September 2020

One country, two populist parties: Voting patterns of the 2018 Italian elections and their determinants

Alessandra Faggian, Marco Modica, Félix Modrego, Giulia Urso

Pages: 397-413 | First Published: 05 January 2021

From Chianti to the Apennines: The fall of the left‐wing parties' predominance in Tuscany

Francesco G. Truglia, Alessandro Zeli

Pages: 415-435 | First Published: 15 September 2020

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