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The New Issue of Regional Statistics is already Available! (2020, VOL 10, No 2.)

We are pleased to inform you that a new issue of the Regional Statistics has been released and now it’s avaiable online.



Natalia Zdanowska – Céline Rozenblat – Denise Pumain: Evolution of urban hierarchies under globalisation  in Western and Eastern Europe

Luca Salvati: Density-dependent population growth  in Southern Europe (1961–2011):  A non-parametric approach using smoothing splines

Zoltán Bánhidi– Imre Dobos – András Nemeslaki: What the overall Digital Economy and Society Index reveals: A statistical analysis of the DESI EU28 dimensions

Ngo Thai Hung: Volatility spillovers and time-frequency correlations between Chinese and African stock markets

Fernando Antonio Ignacio González: Regional price dynamics in Argentina (2016–2019)

Haryo Kuncoro: Regional inflation dynamics and its persistence –  The case of selected regions in Indonesia

Dimitrios Tsiotas– Umut Erdem – K. Mert Cubukcu: Outlining the historical framework of the aviation sector in Turkey: A spatiotemporal approach

Csilla Nezdei: The prospects of regional market place developments in economic geographical perspective Case study of Balaton Resort Area, Hungary

Mihály Lados–Éva Szabina Somossy–Tamás Tóth: Regional Statistics, Vol. 10. No. 2. 2020: 166–185; DOI: 10.15196/RS100207 Financial subsidies and the location decision of solar power plants in Hungary: An empirical investigation

Zsombor SzabóTibor Sipos: Separation effects in a microregion: traffic volume estimation between the settlements of Lake Velence

Balázs Benjámin Budai – István Tózsa: Regional inequalities in front-office services Focus shift in e-government front offices and their regional projections in Hungary


Áron Kincses–Géza Tóth: How coronavirus spread in Europe over time: national probabilities based on migration networks

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