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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 12, Issue 4, Special Issue: Regional and Urban Development in Russia, Pages: 553-746, August 2020

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 12, Issue 4

Pages: 553-746

August 2020


Issue Information

Pages: 553-554 | First Published: 09 August 2020


Regional and Urban Development in Russia

Alexander Pilyasov

Pages: 555-557 | First Published: 09 August 2020


The sandwich of Russian space: How different spaces differentiate themes in regional science

Nadezhda Zamyatina, Ruslan Goncharov, Alexandra Poturaeva, Alexander Pelyasov

Pages: 559-577 | First Published: 18 February 2020

Spatial development of the post‐Soviet Russia: Tendencies and factors

Evgeniya Kolomak

Pages: 579-594 | First Published: 17 May 2020

Population shrinkage and economic growth in Russian regions 1998–2012

Elena Batunova, Giovanni Perucca

Pages: 595-609 | First Published: 11 December 2019

Qualitative Aspect of the Regional Growth in Russia: Inclusive Development Index

Nadezhda Mikheeva

Pages: 611-626 | First Published: 16 May 2020

Economic and Fiscal Resilience of Russia's Regions

Vladimir V. Klimanov, Sofia M. Kazakova, Anna A. Mikhaylova

Pages: 627-640 | First Published: 14 April 2020

Russia's early developed regions within shrinking social and economic space

Tatiana Nefedova, Andrey Treivish

Pages: 641-655 | First Published: 26 March 2020

Impact of ethno‐demographic structure of the population on performance of the Russian regions

Leonid Limonov, Marina Nesena

Pages: 657-670 | First Published: 03 January 2020

Russian borderlands: Contemporary problems and challenges

Vladimir Kolosov, Alexander Sebentsov

Pages: 671-687 | First Published: 22 April 2020

Interregional migration, the housing market, and a spatial shift in the metro area: Interrelationships in the case study of M oscow

Nikolay Kurichev, Ekaterina Kuricheva

Pages: 689-703 | First Published: 14 November 2019

Commercial redevelopment of industrial and residential periphery of Russian metropolis: St. Petersburg, 1989–2017

Konstantin Axenov, Alisa Timoshina, Alexandra Zemlyanova

Pages: 705-722 | First Published: 22 May 2020

New technologies, potential unemployment and ‘nescience economy’ during and after the 2020 economic crisis

Stepan Zemtsov

Pages: 723-743 | First Published: 25 April 2020


Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism. by Case, Anne, and Deaton, Angus

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Pages: 745-746 | First Published: 22 May 2020

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