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The latest issue of Papers in Regional Science is available! Volume 99, 1 (February 2020)

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Papers in Regional Science
Volume 99, Issue 1

Pages: 1-265

February 2020


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Pages: 1-2 | First Published: 24 January 2020


Open Access

Impacts of EU funded R&D networks on the generation of key enabling technologies: Empirical evidence from a regional perspective

Iris Wanzenböck, Martina Neuländtner, Thomas Scherngell

Pages: 3-24 | First Published: 14 August 2019

What kinds of R&D consortia enhance SMEs productivity? A hierarchical Bayesian approach for the analysis of a regional innovation policy

Annalisa Caloffi, Marco Mariani, Alessandra Mattei, Fabrizia Mealli

Pages: 25-53 | First Published: 05 September 2019

Knowledge networks and industrial structure for regional innovation: An analysis of patents collaborations in Italy

Niccolò Innocenti, Francesco Capone, Luciana Lazzeretti

Pages: 55-72 | First Published: 13 September 2019

Open Access

Economic growth through entrepreneurship: Determinants of self‐employed income across regional economies

David B. Willis, David W. Hughes, Kathryn A. Boys, Devin C. Swindall

Pages: 73-95 | First Published: 21 October 2019

Related to what? Reviewing the literature on technological relatedness: Where we are now and where can we go?

Adam Whittle, Dieter F. Kogler

Pages: 97-113 | First Published: 19 November 2019

Inter‐regional networks and productive efficiency in Japan

Akihiro Otsuka

Pages: 115-133 | First Published: 14 August 2019

Open Access

Are functional regions more homogeneous than administrative regions? A test using hierarchical linear models

Alexandra Wicht, Per Kropp, Barbara Schwengler

Pages: 135-164 | First Published: 23 July 2019

Upward pressure on wages and the interregional trade spillover effects under demand‐side shocks

Patrizio Lecca, Martin Christensen, Andrea Conte, Giovanni Mandras, Simone Salotti

Pages: 165-182 | First Published: 31 July 2019

Spatial effects on local government efficiency

Raffaella Santolini

Pages: 183-200 | First Published: 14 August 2019

Factors influencing farmers' intentions for urban–rural harmony in metropolitan fringes and regional differences therein

Wei Cao, Shenglu Zhou, Shaohua Wu, Chaoye Song

Pages: 201-224 | First Published: 08 September 2019

Regional diffusion of military regimes in sub‐Saharan Africa

Raul Caruso, Nicola Pontarollo, Roberto Ricciuti

Pages: 225-244 | First Published: 09 October 2019

Universities and the Formation of Edge Cities: Evidence from China's Government‐led University Town Construction

Yuan Wang, Wei Tang

Pages: 245-265 | First Published: 09 October 2019

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