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The four superregional organizations recognized by RSAI are:
• The European Regional Science Association (ERSA), comprising sections in the European realm;
• The North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), comprising sections from North America;
• The Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization (PRSCO), comprising sections in Asia (East, South East and South), Australasia and the Pacific Rim facing parts of the Americas;

• The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Science Association (LACRSA), comprising sections from Latin America and the Caribbean.

New RSAI Sections


To retain its position as the worldwide leading organization of scientists and practitioners in regional science, RSAI has the ambition to take the lead and promote regional science in parts of the world not yet covered by RSAI sections. The main reason is to welcome scientists and practitioners in regional science in parts of the world not covered by existing RSAI sections to the RSAI network, congresses, workshops, journals, and other meetings organized by RSAI sections. RSAI also has the ambition to, through its sections, organize congresses, workshops, and other meetings in parts of the world not yet covered by RSAI sections in order to spread regional science and recruit both scientists and practitioners to the field of regional science. Therefore, RSAI welcomes initiatives to form new RSAI sections. In order to facilitate the formation and long-term viability of new sections, some initial financial support is available from the RSAI central office to these new sections. Specific details are outlined below.



Time schedule

1. Deadline for applications: August 15 each year.

2. At the ERSA meeting in August each year, the RSAI council will evaluate applications and decide either to reject the application right away or invite the applicants to make an oral presentation at the NARSC meeting in November. If the NARSC meeting is too far away for the new section representative to attend, the council is willing to consider a presentation at a PRSCO, RSAmericas, or ERSA meeting.

3. After the oral presentation the RSAI council makes a final decision.


Applications should be organized as follows:

1. Background (max 1 pages)

2. Motivation for a new RSAI section (max 2 page)

3. Estimate of the number of new members (max 1 page)

a. PhD students

b. Professors

c. Practitioners

4. Organization (max 2 pages)

5. Planed activities during the first 3 years (workshops, congresses, meetings, networking) (max 2 pages)

6. Financial plan for the first 3 years including the financial support asked for from RSAI. A brief plan for how the financial support from RSAI could be repaid. (max 1 page)


Evaluation criteria

Each application is treated individually. The main evaluation criteria are:

• The need for a new section in the region from RSAI’s perspective

• The number of potential new RSAI members in the region – PhD students, Professors, and practitioners

• The estimated ability for the new section to organize workshops, congresses, meetings and to create a member network

• The financial plan


RSAI Sections

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