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Regional Science Association International (http://www.regionalscience.org/) (RSAI) is composed of four supraregional groupings of individual national and international sections or associations: The European Regional Science Association (http://www.ersa.org/) (ERSA), The North American Regional Science Council (http://www.narsc.org/newsite/) (NARSC), The Pacific Regional Science Conference Organisation (http://www.prsco.info/) (PRSCO) and The...



The European Regional Science Association (ERSA) is the supranational grouping of national regional science associations across Europe. Members are academics, policy professionals and researchers interested in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development and related issues. They are drawn...



The Pacific Regional Science Conference Organisation (http://www.prsco.info/index.html) (PRSCO) was established at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Western Regional Science Association (WRSA) in San Diego, February 1-4, 1968 at the initiative of representatives from WRSA and the Japan Section of...



The Latin American-Caribbean supra region of the RSAI (LACRSA) represents the affiliated and common interests of the various regional science organizations of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.   LACRSAI operates as an objective, scientific body without political, social,...



The North American Regional Science Council (http://www.narsc.org/newsite/)(NARSC) promotes the scholarly exchange of ideas and knowledge that apply to urban and regional phenomena in North America and across the globe.   The association fosters exchange across academic disciplines and builds on the...

Speech, Minister Jeff Radebe, 3rd ISIbalo CRUISE Conf. (2017)

Keynote Speech I: Prof. Marcus Berliant - PRSCO 2017

Keynote Speech II: Prof. Fred Phillips - PRSCO 2017

Founder's Medal Award to Manfred Fischer (2016)

Keynote Speech III: Prof. Shin-Kun Peng - PRSCO 2017

Edward Glaeser, Keynote 56th ERSA Congress (2016)

RSAI Programs 2017

Building bridges 2017

Building bridges in regional science 2017 conference participation support   The RSAI will facilitate the participation of researchers from low-income and lower-middle-income economies (as defined ...

Nurturing new talent 2017

Nurturing new talent 2017   The RSAI aims to continue promoting the development of Regional Science by nurturing new talent in 2017. The council has therefore pledged resources to co-finance worksho...

Thinking big 2017

Thinking big 2017 seed funding for young researchers   Young researchers are often disadvantaged when trying to develop innovative and/or unconventional research projects because of a lack of adequ...

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The Regional Science Association International (RSAI), founded in 1954, is an international community of scholars interested in the regional impacts of national or global processes of economic and social change.

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