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Books - 2004

Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development: A Spatial Perspective


DeGroot, Henri L.F., Peter Nijkamp and Roger R. Stough, (eds). 2004. Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development: A Spatial Perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing, (ISBN 9781843768906).


Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics


Dietzenbacher, Erik and Michael L. Lahr (eds). March 2004. Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics, Cambridge University Press, pp. 418 (ISBN: 0521832381.


Modeling Spatial and Economic Impacts of Disasters

modeling spatial and economic impacts of disasters

Okuyama, Yasuhide and Stephanie E. Chang (eds). 2004. Modeling Spatial and Economic Impacts of Disasters, Springer-Verlag, 300 pp. (ISBN: 03-540-21449-6).

Advances in Spatial Econometrics

advances in spatial economics

Anselin, L., R. Florax, and S. Rey (eds). 2004. Advances in Spatial Econometrics, Springer (ISBN 3-540-43729-0).


Fifty Years of Regional Science


Florax, R., and D. Plane (eds). 2004. Fifty Years of Regional Science, Springer (ISBN 3-540-22361-4).


Advances in Spatial Science

Anselin, L., M.M. Fischer, G.J.D. Hewings, P. Nijkamp, and F. Snickars (eds). 2004. Advances in Spatial Science, Springer (ISBN 1320-9602).

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