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Books - 2001

The Dynamics of New Firm Formation


Sutaria, Vinod. 2001. The Dynamics of New Firm Formation (pp. 108). Aldershot: Ashgate. ISBN 0 7546 13038.


Intelligent Transport Systems: Cases and Policies

intelligent transport systems

Stough, Roger, ed. 2001. Intelligent Transport Systems: Cases and Policies, Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, Massachusetts, ISBN 1840644478.


Transport Planning, Logistics, and Spatial Mismatch

Pitfield D., ed. 2001. Transport Planning, Logistics, and Spatial Mismatch, European Research in Regional Science 11, London, Pion. ISBN 0850861721.


Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery


Miller, Harvey J., and Jiawei Han, eds. 2001. Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Taylor and Francis. Hardcover - 338 pages. ISBN: 0415233690 USD $100.


Geographic Information Systems for Transportation: Principles and Applications

geographic information systems for transportation

Miller, Harvey J., and Shih-Lung Shaw. 2001. Geographic Information Systems for Transportation: Principles and Applications, Oxford University Press. Hardcover - 480 pages. ISBN: 0195123948.

Urban and Regional Economics


McCann Philip. 2001. Urban and Regional EconomicsOxford University Press, 286 pages.


Geographic Information Systems and Science


Longley P. A., M. F. Goodchild, D. J. Maguire, and D. W. Rhind. 2001. Geographic Information Systems and Science. Wiley, Chichester UK and New York USA.

Input-Output Analysis: Frontiers and Extensions


Lahr Michael L. and Erik Dietzenbacher, eds. 2001. Input-Output Analysis: Frontiers and Extensions. London: Palgrave.


Regional Science Perspectives in Economic Analysis


Lahr, Michael L. and Ronald E. Miller, eds. 2001. Regional Science Perspectives in Economic Analysis: A Festschrift in Memory of Benjamin H. Stevens. Contributions to Economic Analysis Series, 249. Amsterdam and New York: Elsevier Science.

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