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An interdisciplinary, international organization focusing on understanding the growth and development of urban, regional, and international systems.


Budy Resosudarmo 

Vice President

Mark Partridge

Executive Director

Tomaz Ponce Dentinho (2011-2018)

ERSA Councillors

Jouke Van Dijk (2015-2018)

André Torre (2014-2019)

Francisco Carballo-Cruz (2017-2019)

NARSC Councillors

Neil Reid(2012-2020)

Peter Stenberg (2016-2018)

Alessandra Faggian (2016-2018)

LACRSAI Councillors

Serena Serrano (2018-2020)

Jaime Bonet (2017-2019)

Eduardo Haddad (2017-2019)

PRSCO Councillors

Fu-Chuan-Lai (2018-2020)

Lily Kiminami (2018-2020)

Armida Alisjahbana (2018-2020)


Fabio Mazzola (2016-2018)

Laurie A. Schintler (2017-2019)

Amit Batabyal (2018-2020)

Sumana Bandyopadhyay (2018-2020)

Rosella Nicolini (2018-2020)



Immediate Past President

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose 


Francisco Carballo-Cruz

Financial Officer

Elisabete Martins


David E. Boyce

Peter Batey

Editors 'Papers in Regional Science':

Editor in Chief: Roberta Capello
Editors: Alessandra Faggian, Daniel A Griffith, Donald J. Lacombe, Jonathan Corcoran

Book Review Editor: Andrea Caragliu

Editors 'Regional Science Policy & Practice':

Editor in Chief: Tomaz Ponce Dentinho
Editors: Eduardo Haddad, Emmanouil Tranos, Jaime Bonet, Neil Reid, Patrício Aroca, Vicente Royuela, Tiago Freire 
Book Review Editor: Neil Reid
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