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Thinking big 2018

Thinking big

2018 seed funding for young researchers


Young researchers are often disadvantaged when trying to develop innovative and/or unconventional research projects because of a lack of adequate seed funding. In order to help address this problem, the RSAI will support young researchers in the planning and early development of cutting-edge and/or high-risk research bids with a view to facilitating later applications to funding from research councils or equivalent research funding bodies.


Eligibility will be restricted to members of the association under the age of 35 or to those up to a maximum of five years after completing the PhD, whichever criterion is more favourable to the candidate.


The researcher will be required to provide evidence of having submitted a fully-fledged bid to research councils or equivalent research funding bodies.

Individual awards will be granted to a maximum value of €3,000.


Eligible costs will only include project planning and development through research assistance, purchase of datasets, proof-reading of bids or related documents. No other costs will be allowed.


Applications – up to a maximum of three pages, including name and affiliation of the candidate, title of the proposed project, main research question(s), justification of the project’s novelty, and prospective methods – should be submitted to the RSAI (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before December 2nd 2017.


All applications will be reviewed by a special committee made of three senior members of the association, who will make a decision on the candidates to fund. The decision of the committee will be final.

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