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Friday, 12 January 2018 10:09

The Annals of Regional Science, Vol. 60, Issue 1 - New Issue Alert

We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for The Annals of Regional Science. Volume 60 Number 1 is now available online.

In this issue
Original Paper  

Use and interpretation of spatial autoregressive probit models

Donald J. Lacombe & James P. LeSage

Original Paper  

Spatial lag dependence in the presence of missing observations

Takahisa Yokoi

Original Paper  

Spatiotemporal analysis of German real-estate prices

Philipp Otto & Wolfgang Schmid

Original Paper  

The impact of trails on property values: a spatial analysis

Matthew Gnagey & Therese Grijalva

Original Paper  

Regional growth differences in China for 1995–2013: an empirical integrative analysis of their sources

Hongbo Wang & Dan Rickman

Original Paper  

How immigration reduced volunteering in the USA: 2005–2011

Tiago Freire & Xiaoye Li

Original Paper  

Grid and shake: spatial aggregation and the robustness of regionally estimated elasticities

Gábor Békés & Péter Harasztosi

Original Paper  

The fall and rise of business cycle co-movements in Imperial Austria’s regions

Carlo Ciccarelli & Anna Missiaia

Original Paper  

Interactions between regional public and private investment: evidence from Japanese prefectures

Tomomi Miyazaki

Original Paper  

Agglomeration externalities, competition and productivity: empirical evidence from firms located in Ukraine

Andrzej Cieślik, Iryna Gauger & Jan Jakub Michałek


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