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The Regional Science Association was organized in December 1954 at the annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations in Detroit, Michigan. The founder of the association was Walter Isard, who served as chairman in the formative years. In 1957 elections were held for the first time. The following is a list of persons who held the office of President, the term and the scholarly field of the president, generally defined as the field of their highest degree.

Presidents, Terms & Fields

  • Walter Isard, USA 1957-58 Economics
  • Walter Isard, USA 1958-59 Economics
  • Robert B. Mitchell, USA 1959-60 City Planning
  • Edward L. Ullman, USA 1960-61 Geography
  • Edgar M. Hoover, USA 1961-62 Economics
  • William L. Garrison, USA 1962-63 Geography
  • William L. C. Wheaton, USA 1963-64 Political Science
  • Charles L. Leven, USA 1964-65 Economics
  • William Warntz, USA 1965-66 Geography
  • Britton Harris, USA 1966-67 City Planning
  • Benjamin H. Stevens, USA 1967-68 Regional Planning and Economics
  • Torsten Hägerstrand, Sweden 1968-69 Geography
  • Benjamin Chinitz, USA 1969-70 Economics
  • Gerald A. P. Carrothers, Canada 1970-71 Regional Planning and Economics
  • Kazimierz Dziewoński, Poland 1971-72 Geography
  • Leon N. Moses, USA 1972-73 Economics
  • Genpachiro Konno, Japan 1974-75 Economics
  • Stan Czamanski, USA and Israel 1975-76 Regional Science
  • Morgan D. Thomas, USA 1975-76 Geography
  • Leo H. Klaassen, Netherlands 1976-77 Economics
  • Per Holm, Sweden 1977-78 City Planning
  • William Alonso, USA 1978-79 Regional Science
  • Martin J. Beckmann, USA, Germany 1979-80 Economics
  • Jean Paelinck, Netherlands 1980-81 Economics
  • Ryszard Domanski, Poland 1981-82 Geography
  • Barclay G. Jones, USA 1982-83 Economics
  • Allan Pred, USA 1983-84 Geography
  • Ake Andersson, Sweden 1984-85 Economics
  • Lloyd Rodwin, USA 1985-86 Regional Planning
  • David Boyce, USA 1986-87 Regional Science
  • Noboru Sakashita, Japan 1987-88 Economics
  • Rolf Funck, Germany 1988-89 Economics
  • Rodney C. Jensen, Australia 1989-90 Economics

In 1989, the Regional Science Association was reorganized as the Regional Science Association International. Beginning in 1991, Presidents serve two-year terms.

  • Peter Nijkamp, Netherlands 1991-92 Economics (Vice-president, 1990)
  • Lay J. Gibson, USA 1993-94 Geography (Vice-president, 1992)
  • Kingsley E. Haynes, USA 1995-96 Geography and Environmental Engineering (Vice-president, 1994)
  • Peter W. J. Batey, UK 1997-98 City Planning (Vice-president, 1996)
  • Hirotada Kohno, Japan 1999-00 Economics (Vice-president, 1998)
  • Geoffrey J. D. Hewings, UK/ USA 2001-02 Geography (Vice-president, 2000)
  • Antoine Bailly, France/ Switzerland 2003-04 Geography (Vice-president, 2002)
  • Robert J. Stimson, Australia 2005-06 Geography (Vice-president, 2004)
  • Roger R. Stough, USA 2007-08 Geography and Environmental Engineering (Vice-president, 2006)
  • Roberta Capello, Italy 2009-10 Regional Economics (Vice-president, 2008)
  • Yoshiro Higano, Japan 2011-2012 Environmental Science (Vice-president, 2010)
  • Jean-Claude Thill, Belgium/ USA 2013-2014 Public Policy (Vice-president, 2012)
  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Spain/UK, 2015-2016 Geography (Vice-president, 2014)

  • Jacques Poot, Netherlands/New Zealand,  Demography (Vice-president, 2016)
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