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An interdisciplinary, international organization focusing on understanding the growth and development of urban, regional, and international systems.


Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Vice President

Jacques Poot

Board of the superregional organizations

Jouke Van Dijk (ERSA)

Neil Reid (NARSC)

Carlos Azzoni (LACRSA)

Patricio Aroca (PRSCO)

Executive Director

Tomaz Dentinho (2011-2018)

ERSA Councillors

Isabelle Thomas (2015-2017)

André Torre (2014-2016)

NARSC Councillors

Peter Stenberg (2016-2018)

Alessandra Faggian (2016-2017)

LACRSAI Councillors



PRSCO Councillors

Jichung Yang (2013-2018)

Erendira Serrano (2015-2017)


Emmanouil Tranos (2015-2017)

Jacques Poot (2015-2017)

Daniel Griffith (2015-2017)

Tüzin Baycan (2015-2017)

Fabio Mazzola (2016-2018)

Laurie A. Schintler (2017-2019)



Immediate Past President

Jean-Claude Thill



Francisco Carballo-Cruz


Financial Officer

Elisabete Martins



David E. Boyce

Peter Batey


Editors 'Papers in Regional Science':

Editor in Chief: Roberta Capello
North American Editor: Alessandra Faggian, Donald J. Lacombe
European Editor: Michaela Trippl
Pacific Editor: Antonio Páez
Book Review Editor: Andrea Caragliu


Editors 'Regional Science Policy & Practice':

Editor in Chief: Mike Carroll
North American Editor: Neil Reid and Terry Clower
European Editor: Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura and Christine Tamasy
Pacific Editor: John Madden and Yuzuru Miyata 
Book and Policy Review Editor: James E. Rowe
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The Regional Science Association International (RSAI), founded in 1954, is an international community of scholars interested in the regional impacts of national or global processes of economic and social change.

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