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The latest issue of Regional Science Policy & Practice are available! Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2022

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Regional Science Policy & Practice
Volume 14, Issue 2
Spatial Development and Inequalities in the Global South

Pages: 209-484

April 2022

Issue Edited by: Abdul Shaban


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Issue Information

Pages: 209-210 | First Published:28 April 2022


Spatial development and inequalities in the Global South

Abdul Shaban

Pages: 211-214 | First Published:28 April 2022


Indo‐ASEAN Trade Complementarity and Favourability with Transition from Look East to Act East Policy: Evidence from Northeastern States of India

Tiken Das, Pradyut Guha

Pages: 215-243 | First Published:04 August 2021

Does the trade‐led growth hypothesis exist for South Asia? A pooled mean group estimation

Md. Saiful Islam

Pages: 244-257 | First Published:28 September 2021

Interdependencies between spatial planning and the mining laissez‐passer in cities: Policy analysis of the case of Ecuador

Karl-Heinz Gaudry, Danilo Ibarra, Carla Carabajo, Katty Marin

Pages: 258-278 | First Published:03 September 2021

Situating children’s lives in coastal cities: Prospects and challenges in urban planning in five Southeast Asian cities

Aireen Grace Andal

Pages: 279-292 | First Published:13 October 2021

Open Access

Young people’s perspectives of inequitable urban change in Lebanese towns affected by mass displacement

Hannah Sender

Pages: 293-306 | First Published:04 November 2021

Open Access

Detecting spatial economic clusters using kernel density and global and local Moran's I analysis in Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality, South Africa

Koech Cheruiyot

Pages: 307-327 | First Published:16 March 2022

Global advantage of Bangalore as a location choice for knowledge‐based industries in India

Arun Natarajan Hariharan, Arindam Biswas

Pages: 328-351 | First Published:08 October 2021

Do globalization progress and sectoral growth shifts affect income inequality? An exploratory analysis from India

Deepak Kumar Behera, Viswanathan Pozhamkandath Karthiayani

Pages: 352-375 | First Published:18 November 2021

Urban poverty and vulnerability in global South: An alternative multidimensional framework for measurement and targeting

Anita Rath

Pages: 376-395 | First Published:23 January 2022

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) poverty in India: A district‐level geospatial assessment

Pritam Ghosh, Moslem Hossain, Asraful Alam

Pages: 396-416 | First Published:02 September 2021

The effect of climate change and energy shocks on food security in Iran's provinces

Navid Kargar Dehbidi, Mansour Zibaei, Mohammad Hassan Tarazkar

Pages: 417-437 | First Published:25 February 2022

Economic Resilience of City‐Regions in Southern Africa: An Exploratory Study of Zimbabwe

Tazviona Richman Gambe, Hermanus Stephanus Geyer, Anele Horn

Pages: 438-455 | First Published:21 November 2021

Open Access

The challenge of developing special economic zones in Africa: Evidence and lessons learnt

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Federico Bartalucci, Susanne A. Frick, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Richard Bolwijn

Pages: 456-481 | First Published:08 April 2022


The grand pattern of development and the transition of institutions, Edited by Martin Paldam, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2021. Online ISBN:9781009025898. DOI:

Luca Storti

Pages: 482-484 | First Published:06 February 2022

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