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Spanish Section: AECR International Conference 2022, 19-21 October 2022, Granada, Spain

The Spanish Association of Regional Science (AECR) is pleased to invite you to participate in the XLVII Meeting of Regional Studies (RER-International Conference on Regional Science), which will take place in Granada, Spain on the 19-21 October 2022.

From the Andalusian Regional Science Association, organizers want to invite you to participate.

The Conference will be held at the University of Granada from 19th to 21nd of October 2022, with the organizative support of the Interuniversity Research Institute for Regional Development (IDR) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commision.

The main topic of this XLVII edition is: “Challenges, policies and governance of the territories in the post-covid era”. We focus on the main territorial challenges we face after the pandemic and on the need for coordination among the actors that design and implement policies. The pandemic has revealed the existence of inequalities and of severe differences across territories. It has risen asymmetries in factor endowment and unemployment and has altered the whole industrial structure, especially in peripheral areas. It has fostered migration and urban concentration processes, too. In sum, the pandemic has brought new economic, social and environmental concerns.

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